Circuit Construction Kit (DC and AC)

Circuit Construction Kit (DC and AC) 7.0

Design and build circuits using capacitors, inductors, and resistors
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Simplify the process of creating circuits by using built-in capacitors, inductors, resistors and voltage-related elements. Supports inspection and all the known lab instruments (voltmeters, ammeters).

Circuit Construction Kit (DC and AC) is a simulation for building circuits. The University of Colorado also has a DC only version. This particular one allows you to build circuits on the screen that are powered by DC and AC current. To start building a circuit from scratch you simply drag elements from the menu on the right and drop them on the table. If you want to try an AC current circuit, you need to add the AC Voltage as your power source. If you are going with DC current, simply add a battery. The whole goal of the simulation is to get current that will power a light bulb.

To complete a circuit with DC current you simply have to connect wires to the positive and negative ends of a battery into resistors and then into the light bulb. AC seems to work the same way. But I am thinking that you need to add a capacitor and an inductor to the circuit to get constant power. Unlike what happens in DC current, electrons move in both directions in AC current, so building a circuit entails the installation of different parts.

The website for this application warns that there might be some bugs and usability errors in the application. I did found that the application becomes slow at times, but it was nothing too bad.

José Fernández
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